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Domestication of a Foreign Subpoena and Issuance services in West Palm Beach

A.C.E. Process Servers in West Palm Beach specialize in assisting Out of State Law firms with Domesticating and issuing forien Subpeona's  We are legal couriers who take your documents to the courthouse and stand by while the clerk issues your subpoena. The domestication process does NOT require a Florida Attorney yet you, as an out of town law firm, must confirm the documents needed to have your subpoena issued by the court. We do NOT offer any advice or provide any forms. Sorry. Call the clerk of the court - CIVIL CIRCUIT DIVISION to confirm your needs.

This is how the domestication process works.

1. You provide us with your completed forms and the fee for the clerk. Said forms MUST BE ORIGINAL and a compete set of copies must accompany the originals

2. We drive to and meet with the curcuit clerk and stand by while your documents are viewed, domesticated and issued.

3. We take your issued subpoena from the clerks office and proceed directly to the location and serve your subpoena.

4. Upon completion of the service we will provide you with an appropriate Return of Service (proof of service) and copies of all the documents issued.

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