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Courthouse Messenger and Courier Services in Florida

A.C.E. courthouse messeger and courier services involve properly handled document management expertise performed at a courthouse. Whether its locating a file, copying a docket sheet, filing, issuing or delivery of documents, we are available to assist you at any courthouse, at any time and any day. We handle courthouse messenger and courier services at all courthouse locations and are specialists in obtaining old and or difficult to find case files.

Florida state civil courts are divided into two specific levels; that is, the county civil courts handle cases with values below 15,000 and the civil circuit courts handle cases valued over 15,000. 

Civil county and circuit courts in Florida are subject to open review of all cases filings however some resrictions apply to personal information which is generally redacted prior to viewing.

Please be advised, MOST case files have to be ordered which will neccessiate two trips to the courthouse before viewing the file and copying services. 

If you are looking to save time and obtain a quote, it would be better if you email us your request. Emailing us will also get you a nice discount.