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We are Privtae Investigators who specialize in locating witness, defendants, heirs and birth parents. Our services are supported by a wide range of database services, skilled investigative tactics and experienced minds. 

Skip tracing is another term for locating someone who has left town or is in town hiding below the radar. 

Services are handled by a Licensed Private Invtesigator who is skilled in finding people. Though we are the best in the state at finding people, we cannoy guarantee we will. Therefore, we will commence services with a preliminary fee of 195.00. This is the lowest fee we can offer and it will yield positive results 85% of the time. If we are unsuccessful at the preliminary fee you have the option of spening an addition 195.00 which will increase our success  rate to 95%. 

This service is NOT a due dilience offering. Due diligence services  are far more involved. If you are seeking due diligence services, preliminary fees, which include a detailed affidavit of due diliegnce, start at 595.00

All services performed should take a week to ten days. 

To learn more about our Florida location services please contact us at 800-987-4680 or to receive a quick quote, email 

Locate, Find, Skip Trace, Identify, Whereabouts and confirmation of address services are performed by a Licensed Private Investigator only.

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