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Florida Process Serving Business For Sale in Palm Beach County

Process Services Business For Sale in Palm Beach County Florida.

The A. C. E., Inc. process serving services business is for sale. Based in Palm Beach County Florida, the company manages and operates a nationwide process serving business with a meaningful and unparalled digital foot print in every state in the United States. Through the acquisition, publishing, hosting, development and management of more than eight hundred domain names and functioning websites, this business is ready for a new owner with ambitious goals. 

The company operates mainly via the internet and allows for email correspondence and telephone communications to be forwarded to and or accessed remotely by anyone, anytime and from anywhere. All interactions with clients, new customers, agents and support vendors are handled via digital protocol; namely email and or telephone communications. To say the least, this is a modern day digital business that maintains high standards of personalized client services.

This Florida based company is one of the few process serving service companies in America that boasts ninety-eight percent paperless transactions.  All transactions are guided by industry practices, state and federal compliance regulations and are coupled with in house proprietary tools and methodologies. The company has drastically reduced unprodutive practices and daily overhead, which contributes to a six figure owner benefit on an annual basis.

This process serving business operates on a part time basis, and generates approximate 200k plus sales per year. Don't let the small volume sales number fool you. This part time business is a sleeping giant and has the potential to more than triple its sales within one year provided its operated by full time management! In its five years conducting nationwide process serving services, the company has always been profitable, litigation free, and is well known for its dependable and professional process serving and court serices. The business has secured credit lines with over 800 potentially active field agents, a great deal of respect from thousands of clients and vendors worldwide.

All of the challenging issues with starting and growing a business is well behind this very successful enterprise. All of the brick and mortar, internal structuring of its systems are completely streamlined, and efficient. All digital marketing and sales advancements and proprietary operational tools used to drive a profitable and dynamic business are well developed and ready for the next visionary.

This business has an unprecedented and excellent foundation of good will,  solid relationships with agents, repeat customers and has DOZENS of new clients connecting with the office every month. New client calls and emails are so frequent and numerous, most cannot be answered or attended to in a timely manner. Harnessing missed potential in and of itself will increase the sales by a minimum of 40% within the several months of new management taking over.

The company operates with very low overhead, produces organic leads only, and its web based properties are indexing with all top search engines.  The success of this business is through the use of its in house invented digital platform.

The immediate challenge for the new owner is managing and controlling the flood of NEW business leads, existing client calls, and numerous email inquiries the office experiences everyday from 8am to 7pm! If you are ready to be the next visionary and owner of a major business opportunity and secure the next generation of leads, please contact the undersigned in strict confidence.

The owner of the business, Jonathan, who is willing to stay on as a working employee and, if appropriate and requested, be your "mentor." If you do not need a mentor, that is entirely your decision. Jonathan will divulge all trade secrets, and assure your immediate success!

Serious inquiries can be directed to, Jonathan by EMAIL ONLY, please send him a confidential detailed message, and make sure you include your full legal name, a brief description of your background, and your business experience. Please feel free to ask general questions too. However, before any detailed confidential information can be provided or due diligence, Proof of Funds with a NDA will be required.

All inquiries, communications and contact information is strictly confidential.