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Process Serving Company For Sale in Palm Beach County Florida

Private Process Serving services and Organic Marketing and Service Agency FOR SALE IN FLORiDA
A. C. E., Inc. Process Service Company is FOR SALE. Based in Palm Beach County Florida the company manages and operates a nationwide business via the internet. This business is 100% portable and can be relocated to anyhwere in the world without loosing any business. 

Current business operates on a part time basis and generateS approximate 300k sales per year. Don't let the small volume sales number fool you. This part time business is a sleeping giant!

All the heavy lifting, building and moving is complete and the business is ready to move in to. That is, we have built a strong foundation of good will, maintain excellent relationships and have dozens of new clients contacting us every week. The company operates with very low overhead, produces organic only leads and its web based properties and flourishing! The immediate challenge is managing and controlling the flood of business calls and email that we experience each day from 8am to 9pm Monday through Saturday! If you are ready to rock this business it is certainly ready to roll!

Current Ownership is willing to sell the entire business and stay on as a working employee and a "teacher," if desired.
Please be advised if you are not tech savvy or are not willing to learn basic tech skills, dont consider this business. The business is a cutting edge marketing company that owns, operates and manages 1000 websites that are producing great margins and consistent sales.

The company spent the last two years developing a proprietary database focused on a simple user friendly interface platform.  The current operations of the A.C.E. platforms involves managment of more than 1000 public websites.

The owner has intentionally kept the company small and has a well trained office staff who are aligned with independent contractors and per diem associates nationwide.

The company is "ripe" for a full time owner who aspires to build upon a base successful and profitable business relationships.
Interested parties who have a minimum of $750k to invest and can show proof of funds will be given access to finformation and details.

Please contact Jonathan Levy, in strict confidence, for more details and information. Owner Financing in not available but some of the terms are flexible and negotiable. Partnerships and Investors considered, but not enthusiastically. 

Proof of Funds is required before any confidential information will be offered,

EB5 Qualified and perfect for a business person seeking to invest in a thriving, interesting and growing business which is perfect for more that one family member.

Serious inquiries must be directed via telephone to Mr. Jonathan Levy at 561-445-7939, please leave a confidential detailed message. This a private voice mail box only.

All inquiries, communications and contact information is strictly confidential

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