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A.C.E., Inc. of Florida provides licensed process serving services of all types of lawsuits; namely Summons and Complaints, Orders, Writs and Citations.  As a Florida statewide process serving service, we pledge your request will be handled by an experienced and licensed Process Server who is fully authorized to serve process within the jurisdiction where your service will take place. We guarantee our process serving services will be rendered in accordance with your precise directives and will comply with applicable civil rules and statutes.  We understand the importance of properly serving the defendant / respondent and will do everything we can to represent your needs to a successful conclusion.

After you retain our services and as we progress towards our goal of serving your lawsuit, we will keep you updated via email. Of course you are always welcome to call or email us whenever you feel the need to do so. Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff is available to assist you!

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