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Private Investigation Services

Our most popular and active Private Investigation cases involve a wide range of interests. If you have a need for a Private Investigator, we may be the perfect agency for you. 

Here is a list of our most active private investigation services:
Adultery, Cheating, Lying, Secret Lives, Unfaithful Behavior, infidelity, lying, bi-sexual affairs, homosexual affairs, child abuse and crimes against animals, Reputation and Smear investigations
 Alimony and Support Modification Investigations
 Background Check Services
 Business Partners Investigated
 Child Custody Matters Proven
 Civil and Court Records Research
 Criminal and Adverse Records Research
 Due Diligence Investigations and Evaluations
 Electronic Counter Measures, Debugging, Sweep Services
 Find and Locate People
 Find and Locate Defendants and Witnesses
 Fraud Investigations
 Intellectual Property Investigations
 Lifestyle Verification Services
 Non-Compete Violations Proven
 Patent Infringement Investigations
 Real Estate Investigations and Research
 Scams and Schemes Investigated and Proven
 Service of Process upon Evasive defendants and witnesses
 Surveillance; stake out, covert following services
 Trade Secrets leaks Investigated
 Unsolved Crimes Investigated and solved
 Website, Domain Name and Internet Investigations  

Florida Private Investigation Services

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