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Undercover investigations are handled by only the best licensed investigators. At A.C.E. Undercover Private Investigations are handled on short term and long term basis. Deep undercover implies we handle undercover investigations with the most discreet and unassuming positioning of an agent at a place of your choice. The purpose of deep undercover is to reveal activities and situations that otherwise would not be known.

Some of the areas where undercover investigations are the mots productive are as follows:

1. Theft at the workplace
2. Unfair or Discriminating circumstances
3. Schemes, Scams and Unlawful behavior
4. Conduct and Behavior analysis
5. Cheating, Lying and Deception

Undercover operations are widely used in corporate settings, social settings, restaurants, events and various venues. Undercover investigations are confidental and under no circumstances are every revealed to anyone other than the client.

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